Mayflower Washroom Solutions is a market leader in the supply of Washroom services; with over 19 years’ experience in delivering innovative hygiene solutions on a national basis.

Our rental services include Feminine Hygiene and Vending, Air care and fragrancing, Entrance matting, Laundry, Sanitising, Nappy disposal and Sharps services, all at competitive pricing with quality and service.

Product Portfolio

Feminine Hygiene: Mayflower’s Hygiene Service is both hygienic and discreet. Each unit is serviced on site; the service includes a full maintenance programme for each unit: bag removal and replacement, a hygiene clean, repair or replace and servicing. This is maintained on a cycle to suit. All waste is removed from site and incinerated.

Vending: Mayflower offers both dual column and multi vending services. Units are supplied F.O.L and serviced on a frequency to suit individual client needs. Servicing includes machine clean and maintenance, product re-fill and money collection.

Air Fragrancing: The Airoma fragrancing system offers Mayflower and its clients the flexibility of a managed system with style. Each unit is programmable to suit the individual washroom need. Servicing is on a 4 weekly basis offering a different fragrance on each exchange with battery replacement and a full unit service.

Nappy Services: Mayflower’s Nappy Disposal Service is both hygienic and discreet. Each unit is serviced on site. The service incorporates a full maintenance programme, including bag removal and replacement, a hygiene clean, unit repair or replace and servicing. This is maintained on a four weekly cycle. All waste is removed from site and incinerated.

Mat Services: Mayflower offers a lift and lay service for matting on either a weekly or fortnightly exchange. Our fully qualified operative will come to site and remove all matting from the premises, exchanging each dirty mat with a laundered one. This service can be provided in conjunction with other services or stand alone, all done at a time to suit the client best.

Sanitising Services: The Quadrasan sanitising system is designed to control the build-up of waste products within the washroom, specifically the gent’s urinal system. Each unit can be programmed to suit specific customer requirements and is serviced on a four weekly basis. The service includes battery check and change and refill replacement.

Sharps Services: The only way to deal with used needles, the service can be provided in two ways; a regular collection service for high use environments, or a pay on removal service for low use areas. All units are disposed of via environmental incineration.

Laundry Services: Mayflower offers a full range of linen services to include Roller towels, bed linen, Tea towels, Bath and Hand towels. All services are bespoke and arranged to suit the client’s needs.

National Coverage

National Coverage

Mayflower HQ: Based in Woolwich, London, with six strategically placed Regional Distribution Centres across the UK (London, Swindon, Manchester, Haverhill, Motherwell and Dublin), self-delivering our comprehensive range of managed services nationwide to all business sectors large and small, via our ever growing fleet of over 100 liveried vehicles.

The Personal Approach

The Personal Approach

Customer Care: Key to our ongoing success is the company’s philosophy and culture regarding service excellence. Our centralised Customer Service team is trained to the highest standards of customer care, offering instant support and solutions to our client base.

The Environment

The Environment

Best Practice: Our commitment to the environment is ongoing from our no landfill policy for hygiene waste through to electric vehicles and route planning to manage and reduce carbon emissions. Our product portfolio offers the same best practices with environmental ranges for paper and chemicals, supported and certificated to the highest of European standards.

Continuation of Supply During the Current Covid-19 Outbreak

March 2020


Mayflower Washroom Solutions

Continuation of Supply During the Current Covid-19 Outbreak


Further to the Government announcement recently, we are pleased to confirm that Mayflower Washroom Solutions will continue to supply as normal, under the revised rules.


We are classed as an Essential Service Business - in turn, this will enable our customers to maintain supply to their end user who are also still operating in this unusual situation we are facing as a Nation.


Our dedicated staff are working to full capacity and our logistics and warehousing will continue to provide these essential products to our customers. Our ordering processes remain the same and some of our staff are working at home with full technology support, to help keep these processes running.


We are of course aware that some businesses may choose to close. If you have placed an order for product but it has not been booked in or delivered, and you no longer require the delivery, please email orders@mayflowerws.co.uk or washrooms@mayflowerws.co.uk and we will process your cancellation. This cancellation will happen automatically and there is no need for you to call the office as well. If you do have an enquiry, please call 0208 317 6390.


Please be assured, it is our intention to fully support you throughout this period of uncertainty, and we are confident that, under the current rules, our capabilities will be protected throughout.


Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


Please stay safe.


Yours faithfully,

John Doyle

Managing Director