Environmental Management System Policy

Good Environmental practices and performance are high on Mayflower Washroom Solutions list of Company priorities. As a Service Support Provider, the Company makes a positive contribution to improving the Environment and is committed to managing its impact on the Environment in ways that are economically and socially justified, within the resources available to the company.

The Company also recognises its obligations as a Support Services Organisation to promote the management of resources, selection of appropriate suppliers, processes and equipment.

The Company will continue to improve its Environmental contribution by striving to raise the awareness of its clients, suppliers and employees through communication, training, research and process selection.

Mayflower Washroom Solutions aim to minimise any adverse impacts its operations may have on the Environment, its clients and neighbours.

In order to achieve our objectives we seek to implement the following standards on a daily basis:

  • Meet and, where possible exceed Environmental laws, regulations and voluntary commitments.
  • Incorporate Environmental factors into business decisions.
  • Apply industry best practices to improve Environmental performance.
  • Ensure that the Best Available Technique Not Entailing Excessive Cost (BATNEEC) is used as widely as possible.
  • Seek to identify and manage all Environmental impacts.
  • Set clear objectives/targets, and implementing management systems, to ensure continuous monitoring and improvement of our Environmental performances.
  • Use Environmentally sensitive procurement and disposal arrangements for the goods and services purchased by the company. Including the selection, operation and maintenance of all equipment, machinery and vehicles to minimise emission of pollutants and maximise the use of non-sustainable resources.
  • Husband scarce resources such as energy wisely and making appropriate use of recycling opportunities.
  • Ensure that guidance, training and procedures are in place to enable staff to contribute towards caring for the Environment.
  • Communicate the Environmental Policy to all company personnel.
  • To be a good employer, considerate to all employees. Understand their particular needs and be aware of all relevant legislation and Environmental issues that could affect them i.e. workstation ergonomics.
  • Inform customers and the public where applicable of Company Environmental performance and seeking their help in achieving Company and client objectives.
  • Take all necessary and practical steps to minimise noise levels, traffic nuisance, emission of pollutants and disturbance to the public and local eco-systems.
  • Continue to operate the No Smoking Policy, which is in place within all company offices.
  • Regularly review and implement Environmental management practices in light of new information, experience, processes, equipment and inspections.

Environmental Management System Policy

Mayflower Washroom Solutions endeavours to make certain that requirements are met by carrying out internal auditing by the Environmental Officer, well as external bodies at all levels. The Directors monitor the achievement and maintenance of the Training Programme throughout the organisation; reviewing regular reports from the Environmental Officer encompassing recommendations collated by senior management to review and meet set targets and goals.

Where appropriate, the Directors, individually or severally, give direction to the Environmental Officers and/or Senior Management to ensure all policies, systems and procedures are properly implemented and maintained.



Reducing our impact

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our activities and promoting the sustainability of the natural resource upon which it depends.

Our Environmental Policy is available for download below: